Temptation + Seduction


2 x 500ml Bottles of Chastity No Sin-Gin – Temptation and Seduction



Give in to the citrusy taste of this lively, alcohol-free gin. Based on a classic London Dry, kaffir lime leaves add a light, creamy citrus perfume to this refreshingly zesty drink. With additional undertones of pepper, lemon and the subtlest hint of cardamom completing the flavour, Temptation will leave you wanting more.


Let your senses be seduced by the sweet, mellow taste and light blush appearance of this indulgent alcohol-free alternative to pink gin. A depth of flavour and hint of heady perfume are created by the addition of handpicked rose petals and whole tropical hibiscus flowers to a classic London Dry flavoured core.


0% alcohol, 100% natural ingredients, 90% less calories than a G&T – 100% hangover free.


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